Program Committees

Belinda Gordon Battle, Chair
Our sorority international program theme for 2022-2026 is "Soaring to Greater Heights of Service & Sisterhood." The International Program includes six initiatives. Strengthen Our Sisterhood will serve as the administration's "Foundation Initiative." 
The remaining five initiatives will serve as the "Program Initiatives"
Empower Our Families
TBA, Chair 
Build Our Economic Wealth
TBA. Chair
Enhance Our Environment
TBA, Chair
Advocate for Social Justice
TBA, Chair
Uplift Our Local Community
TBA, Chair

Archives –

Deborah Hollis, Chair

Audit –

Tammy King, Chair

Awards –

Shelby Turner, Chair

Bylaws –

Calondria Williams, Chair

Connections –

D’Bria Bradshaw, Chair

Finance –

Alicia Sherman-Anderson, Chair

Fundraising –

Rochelle Adger, Chair

Membership –

Ann Walters-Pope, Chair

Pearl Essence –

Tiffany Anderson, Chair


Public Relations –

D'Bria Bradshaw, Chair


Scholarship –

Avis Esters-Bennett, Chair


Sisterly Relations –

Ernestine Carr, Chair


Standards –

Doreen Johnson, Chair 


Technology –

D'Bria Bradshaw, Chair

Standing Committees